Date Weight

Drinks, dinner, cafe treats, ice cream, more drinks… Most dates are built on high-calorie low-rewards. Not this week, Satan, not this week! Below are active, FREE dates I’ve set up to be merciful on my body and wallet.
1) Improv 
Get to know your date’s humor and how quickly they think on their feet (a requirement for dating me so this is a great weed out tool)
Free! – click here
2) Farmers Market 
Learn their taste and get your grocery shopping out of the way.
3) Browse a Bookstore
Never judge a book by it’s cover…Upon walking in, I recommend setting a meeting spot and separating for 15 minutes armed with the task of returning with 1 favorite book and 1 found book. #sapiosexual
Free! –
4) Play DJ
If we’ve learned nothing from the electropop takeover, you don’t have to be a musician to be a DJ. Guitar center welcomes all curious customers to their flashy DJ room where all toys, synths, and speakers are at your experimental disposal. Have some fun and drop a beat with your date.
5) Central Park & The Met
Both obvious but have never failed me. Though I realize these are both NY specific, most metropolitans have simpler versions.

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