Swipes and the City

Growing up (and let’s be honest, I still cue it up with a glass bottle of wine) there was Sex and the City. A humble reflection of the early phases of today’s gender revolution. For the sake of a succinct sitcom, HBO sped meet-and-sleep timelines up to a second date model.  These 30 minute relationships, IRL sometimes 3 minutes depending on the guy, gave such beautiful insight into both our personal love lives and the impact culture has on it.Alas, the days of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are long gone and have been replaced with all mighty dating technology, apps and platforms, which arguably enable our relationships to fit the made-for-TV love lifecycle. The swipe culture has conditioned men and women to expect the next batch of eligible partners is just a day away, so why take a chance on that cutie in the Whole Foods line?

Let’s consider this for a minute, out of 5 possible matches;

  • 1 posted the best photos ever taken in their lives and will show up 15-30lbs heavier and/or less airbrushed
  • 1 is a total conversational snore or snob
  • 1 is so perfect except for that pesky ex they’re still in love with
  • 1 has some serious emotional baggage
  • 1, if the gods are ever in your favor, will be worth your time…but chemistry is a fickle thing

With the new norm of dating came a new set of variables, though most of the bread and butter of the great C.Bradshaw still hold true. For me, at the end of the day (or date) nothing is more important that self-respect, the reality that I am a prize to be won, not just another one.

All of this to say that ‘Swipes and the City’ is my humble log of the good, the bad and the boring dates for the purpose of personal and cultural reflection to navigate the murkey waters of modern dating.

Names will be changed but beyond that, I shall type the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Me? Single Millennial Living/Working/Dating in New York Citygiphy (3).gif



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